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very kind words

Okay maybe this is overkill, but how can I resist it when people say stuff like this....

"It is seriously an awesome website. I have to believe it helped in the sale of the film option rights and foreign rights. I have to believe that interested parties (and some of the sales went by way of competitive auction) looked at the site and said, 'yeah, this chick is legit.'"
  — Shannon Kirk

"I LOVE IT! Has all the sharpness and pop and color I wanted—just like a thunderstorm about to break. Thank you for going the extra mile. It's beyond magnificent! Gorgeous. Enticing. User friendly! More than I dreamed it could be. I love all the colors on all the pages. Absolute perfection. Now I just need to sell some books! Thanks again for all your hard work. It has paid off a million times over. And one of the best collaborations I've ever had!"
  — Kim Powers

"I appreciate working with perfectionists who pay attention to details. I could not be more pleased."
  — Orest Stelmach

"I really love the site. Just showed Warren and he loves it too. Thank you so much—it's truly wonderful to have a site that doesn't look like a cached version of a geocities site circa 1998. It's beautiful to look at!"
  — Destroyer Books

"I think every single bit of it is GORGEOUS. Everything: lilacs, red girl, empty room, stairs. Hank photo change. Reference to cover. Terrific layers. Rich colors. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. THANK YOU!!!"
  — Hank Phillippi Ryan

"OMG! I freakin' LOVE it!! This is amazing! IT is perfect because I feel it captures "me." I just absolute love this! This is just so me. I really wish I could convey how much I really like this. Seriously."
  — Dawn Deanna Wilson

"IT'S FANTASTIC. Or, to be more descriptive, great, easy, inviting, perfectly in keeping with what I was striving for. Thank you! It is truly a first rate, professional job worthy of your reputation as THE BEST."
  — Jeff Siger

"I can't thank you enough for making me look so good. Seriously, almost every school I visit tells me how nice and fun my web site is...and the kids spend a lot of time combing through the pages before I show up, too!"
  — Chris Grabenstein

"This site is just VIBRANT and ALIVE! Holy cow, Maddee, you are one talented artist, I tell you what! I am so utterly thrilled with this. I guess I'll just say WOW again because I'm blown away by this."
  — Anne Wilson

"I'm beyond happy. Thank you thank you thank you! Seriously, it's gorgeous. Plus it's so organized and do easily navigable. I wish I could have hired you ten years ago. You really knocked it out of the park. Wow. I'm awed."
  — Joe Konrath

"Thanks for all your help. In my job as a lawyer I represent a lot of businesses, small, medium, large. I don't see any of them run as well as you run yours. I know you like your job, but it's more than that. You have a great sense for separating the important from the trivial and for letting your clients know everything is just plain under control."
  — Rob Palmer

"Gorgeous, stunning, amazing! There aren't enough superlatives to describe Maddee James' impeccable style! Not only is Maddee an artistic genius, but also, she's extremely personable and professional. Her distinctive approach allows her to get to the heart of who you are, which is why every design is going to be perfect! She is literally a "design angel."
  — Michelle Beber

"Looks fantastic....Yay!!... I think you hit upon the Essence of Chrisness!"
  — Chris Grabenstein

"I shared the site with my editor at Boyds Mills and she loved it. She shared it with marketing and the art director and they loved it. They keep sending me complimentary emails. Feels good, but the compliments are all yours. :)"
  — Stacy McAnulty

"Maddee, I LOVE it! The only problem is that I keep looking at it and ignoring my patients' charts! I can honestly say it is exactly what I had imagined. I sent you so many messages telling you I loved it I was concerned you would think I was cyberstalking. The design is perfect!!! I am very impressed, not that I am surprised. Thanks again! You are a joy to work with!"
  — Peter Hogenkamp

"Again, thanks from the bottom of my very deep, dark, mysterious heart for this masterpiece you created."
  — Jeff Siger

"Can I just say up front that everything about working with Maddee and Xuni has been a joy. I came to Maddee with a slither of an idea and she turned that tiny idea into my dream website. I don't just love my website. I adore my website. No question has been idiotic (and I asked a lot of idiotic questions). The setting up of blogs and newsletters has been seamless. As well as building a professional base on which I will build my brand, I've also met one of the nicest and most professional people I know. I look forward to working with Maddee, Jen and xuni for many, many years to come."
  — Hayson Manning

"Ah, Maddee, you make my life so easy."
  — Polly Holyoke

"Darlin, you are seriously the best. Gorgeous, and even better than perfect—I love the way you moved the review quotes up front. Looks so much better. I love when you improve my work!"
  — Barry Eisler

"Thanks...I will likely be keeping in touch as I learn...but PLEASE don't apologize for charging me for your time!! I was a lawyer for 10 years...so I had to keep track/bill every 6 minutes (yes, 6 minutes) of my time. I know in a service business time = money. I also know how annoying it is to work hard for a client and then have them complain about the bill. I value your time and input and am happy to pay for your expertise."
  — Jamie Beck

"I am grateful for you every day because the web is beyond my 16th century comprehension."
  — Katherine Longshore

"I love it, Maddee! You are amazing and so talented, a true genius with web design. This has the perfect feel to it and is just what I wanted. I adore this site! That's four for four of amazing beautiful sites that you've done for me!"
  — RS Collins

"Maddee, I am extremely pleased with how you have captured my personality in all of this. When I first contacted you, I said I had been swept away by the vitality in your author websites, and now mine is going to be the best of all!"
  — Lynn Coulibaly

"Maddee!! This one NAILS it! I love it. Maybe I'm biased, but I love it best of everything in your portfolio. I love the way you did the picket. The effect is soooo cool! And the tag line is perfect where it is now. I'm thrilled with the whole thing! Oh, I am so over the moon with the look of this. Thank you so much! Can't wait to show it off!"
  — Barbara Taylor Sissel

Love love love.
Love the stars next to the Top Elevens.
Love the script color.
Love the "parchment" color.
Love all of it."
  — Kit Grindstaff

"I do love it, I'm just thrilled. I don't think I said this before, but besides being so filmic and haunting it has a bit of an autumn carnival feeling that I love, reminds me of Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes. You're just a genius, what can I say?"
  — Alex Sokoloff

"Brilliant work. ...I love it. Outstanding. I showed Robin—my wife. She was knocked out, audible sounds of astonishment. I'm going to be glancing at your creation every fifteen minutes the rest of the day for the sheer pleasure. Thanks much."
  — Orest Stelmach

"OH BOY OH BOY—I LOVE IT!!!!!!! I've liked your work so very much from the start, and you just really came through. Now how am I gonna write text when I just want to stare and gloat over my new home page all afternoon???"
  — Polly Holyoke

"Maddee I have never seen anything so beautiful in my whole life!!!!!! If I had your phone number I would call and shout, AMAZING JOB! I cannot begin to thank you enough. I am stunned by your talent! What would I ever have done without you?"
  — Carol Peacock

"Maaaaaaddddddddddddeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I LOVE IT! I adore how there are so many 'hidden images' that people might not even notice at first, but since I chose the graphics, I know they're there! I keep switching between my current site and the new design, and I'm so emotional! You captured everything I have ever wanted in this site! It meshes all of my favorite colors with some of my favorite images. I couldn't have asked for a better site. Really. It not only expresses my girly side, but it also explores topics that will be in my novels AND that I write paranormal romance. It's just so beautiful, Maddee! Thank you so much."
  — Danielle Rose

"Utterly gorgeous! It makes me think of magic!"
  — Falguni Kothari

"IT LOOKS FANTASTIC! I love it. I love that you love it. I want to live inside it, too, or at least go there on bad days. In lieu of that, I'll just open a bottle of wine and stare at the rotating quotes. It's perfect."
  — Julia Heaberlin

"ALL your sites are gorgeous. I can tell the amount of time you put into each site and it shows the colossal talent you have. You seem to capture the soul of each of the writers you work with which is an amazing gift. As for mine: I LOVE it!! I love the use of the photo, the blood spatter, discreetly, and the cabin... eerie, but sophisticated..."
  — Douglas Wickard

"I love, love, love, LOVE it. It's perfect. Very me. Well, obviously, this is the most beautiful website you've ever made and the most beautiful website ever in existence on this planet!"
  — Elise Sax

"Thanks again for agreeing to work with me. I can't tell you how much of a relief it's been to find someone who does such beautiful work, and also has a fabulous business ethic."
  — Katherine Longshore

"I LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!! Beautiful! I LOVE the font and how lovely you blended all the different images. Mine is going to be the best website (shhh.... don't tell the others!)"
  — Julie Ann Knudsen

"Woo-hoo!! It's PERFECT!! It is completely excellent!! You've hit the color changes spot-on and I just love the sweeping photo, the name, the flourishes, everything. THANK YOU SO MUCH MADDEE! Weeeee!!!"
  — Zoë Ferraris

"If you ever had a prospective client who wanted to talk more in-depth, I would be happy to sing your praises. I've worked with web designers before, and this is absolutely the best experience I've had."
  — Erica O'Rourke

"Spectacular, Maddee! Looks great. Easy to navigate. All the little visual touches are just right. And again, the sensibility is just what I had hoped for and wanted: bold, sophisticated, elegant. It's a great site."
  — Adam Bryant

"I LOVE IT! It is gorgeous and beautiful and magical and I like it even better than the last one. Well done! Hurray!"
  — Amy Kathleen Ryan

"I spoke at a meeting of freelance editors and writers yesterday, and got a lot of compliments on the website. Some said it was the most attractive author website they'd ever seen."
  — Peter Lovenheim

"OMG I love the new look so much. You're more than skilled—you're a genius. It's absolutely stunning. I'm thrilled."
  — Carla Buckley

"The overall design is superb: the old photos; the typewriter keys; the colors. Lovely! I love it. It's just what I wanted! Stylish and retro!"
  — Robert Kaplow

"Beautiful job Maddee—I can't thank you enough! I'm delighted!"
  — Marcia Clark

"I love that you do all these magic things."
  — Sophie Littlefield

"The update on your site looks fantastic (your site, by the way, stands as a great example of what author websites should be).
  — Sarah Melnyk, St. Martins Press on Sophie's site

"Honey, pat yourself on the back. You have not only done great work but you have also built a community. That's a special talent."
  — Cassy Pickard (this means a lot to me, as I love having my clients all know they're part of the xuni team)

"I *LOVE* it!! All of your sites are amazing, but I think this one is now the best. :) I love the depth of color—it's exactly what I wanted. : ) Thank you for such a wonderful design! Did I tell you that my oldest son looked at it and asked how you can get into the author's head like that. lol. In other words, the site is so *me*. He was really impressed."
  — Cheyenne McCray

"I love it! You've captured the mood perfectly. Seriously, I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to show it off."
  — Ty Roth

"There's a stupid, silly word I never use but today, due to my utter joy and excitement, I HAVE TO say it: SQUEEE! Gorgeous! OMG, I'm so proud. The site is beautiful. I'm so impressed—your work is impeccable. Thank you for making me look so cool."
  — Rochelle Staab

"Wow, this is AMAZING! Like, way beyond my expectations already!! Thank you SO much! I can't wait to show my agent and editor. They are gonna flip!"
  — Flynn Meaney

"Just wanted to let you know two more authors looking for website designers have reached out to me, inquiring about xuni.com. Can I tell you what a pleasure it is to recommend you so enthusiastically and wholeheartedly?"
  — Carla Buckley

"Wow Maddee you did it, somehow you found a way for it all to come together and it works beautifully!! Thank you so much I can't gush enough. And one of the best things about working with you is the guidance you give me."
  — Sophie Littlefield

"Maddee, I have to thank you for all that you have done, and are doing, to make my 'launch' look so presentable and operate smoothly. This is such an upgrade from how I used to do it. I'm so relieved to have found you!"
  — Katia Lief

"Wow, Maddee! The site is sooo gorgeous! I love it. I can't tell you how happy this makes me. You did such a great job. I really appreciate all your hard work."
  — Laura Quimby

"I just had to send you a note about your incredible website designs for authors. You inspire me...literally. I'm working to finish my first mystery novel and whenever I get stuck or need a little inspiration to keep going, I visit xuni. You are so talented! There is no question in my mind where I need to turn when it's my turn for an author site."
  — Trina Bailey

"I LOVE IT! Seriously, pink is my favorite color, so you rocked this! eeeeek!! BUT OMG ITS SO PRETTY!!! I love it! And I love the blog! So great! Thank you so much!"
  — Kody Keplinger

"I am getting ever more compliments on the gorgeousness of the website! People are really impressed, and I think actually they take me more seriously as a writer when they see it—it looks so glossy and professional!"
  — Helen Grant

"My editor just sent me Helen Grant's debut novel and when I went to Helen's website I gasped at its gorgeousness. THEN I REALIZED IT WAS YOURS! My God, you're a freaking genius. You really are."
  — Carla Buckley

"Gorgeous! It's all working & beautiful & I couldn't love it more! So far I'm getting words like: wonderful, beautiful, warm, engaging, organized, easy to navigate, stylish, a gem . . . It's a win! It's so beautiful I can't stop staring at it! LOVE it! Oh, and my editor is enchanted by the new site, said it's the best website makeover she's ever seen!"
  — Alyson Noël

"Maddee! You are awesome! Oh my gosh. I just love how you seem to get me when I don't even get me! Sort of just embodies who I am in a way I never thought would be able to happen as I have such a hard time defining myself :)"
  — Liz Rudnick

"Girl, you knocked it out of the park! I'm sure you hear praise words like "amazing" and "wonderful" all the time, but I pride myself on being different so I'm going to go with: "Maddee, your website design contains volcanic levels of awesomeness" (sorry, it's been a long day...that's the best I can do right now). Seriously, you ripped the vision right out of my imagination and brought it to life on the webpage. I absolutely LOVE it!"
  — Brett King

"OMG!!! It's so fantastic. LOVE the colors and how the header works. Oh, my gosh this is so coooool. And the nav bar is really fun. Very different. I'm gonna be staring at it all frickin' day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is a theme that tells a story about my books too. Love it. Thanks so much for your amazing talent and for the collaboration."
  — Jordan Dane (YA site)

"Yep, a xuni site is definitely recognizable. I think it has something to do with the strong graphic design and flow of elements. I'm proud I talked you into being my web designer, and admit that I judge other authors by whether or not they're your clients."
  — Carla Buckley

"Again, I'm so completely thrilled! You were so lovely to work with."
  — Lee Nichols

"I've long been a fan of your work, Maddee—your designs are so sleek, sophisticated and eye-catching. I gave you a challenging image to build a design around, and you worked magic with it! I was so GRATEFUL for your patience as we discussed and tweaked the design. It was an absolute delight to work with you, and I love my website more with each passing day."
  — Sonia Gensler

"WOW! I totally, absolutely LOVE it! You've captured the perfect balance between dark and light, with just enough magic, not too much....FANTASTIC!!!"
  — Kit Grindstaff

"Wow! thank you. and you are so special to me. i could never imagine working with anyone else."
  — Janice Eidus

"You're terrific! People say it's warm, welcoming—and reflects the feel of the book and me quite well. All credit goes to you! I think you're amazingly talented and I'm so happy to be working together."
  — Peter Lovenheim

"OMG OMG OMG! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL YOU JUST MADE ME CRY, and my daughter and her boyfriend think you're a genius, too."
  — Cornelia Read

"Thank you for doing an absolutely stellar job on my website! I love the atmosphere, the color scheme, the functionality, everything. You are the best!"
  — Reece Hirsch

"Looks awesome! I'm so happy to have the best web designer on the planet doing my site. Can't wait to see the end result."
  — Jeff Alcorn (on his holding page)

"We love it, all of us. Truly do. It certainly takes us up a notch in quality and the design is not only perfect for us as authors, it is really easy to navigate and all that good technical stuff! Everything on every page looks terrific. And so much easy to find that before. We are delighted. And for the record, you have been a delight to work with. We are looking forward to a long and happy partnership."
  — PJ Parrish

"It makes my heart sing! Lovely, lovely, lovely! I am so excited, I could squeal! In fact, I am squealing! It's really lovely, Maddee, just great."
  — Jacqueline Winspear

"I absolutely LOVE it! Love the colors, love the shapes, love the dragonfly, the layering, the font, the praying mantis looking across at the woman on the other side. It all looks great. Amazing work!"
  — Cara Lopez Lee

"I adore the site, and I'm getting nothing but compliments on it!"
  — Laura Ruby

"Things look absolutely gorgeous, fabulous, wonderful, and stupendous! I couldn't be happier with this website. Thank you for making me look so professional. What I love about the site is that it is so clean and easy to navigate. Everything looks elegant and well thought out. I also love how the mysterious design juxtaposes with the crispness of the text. It is a perfect balance."
  — Lee McIntyre

"I can't tell you enough, how happy I am that we worked together. Your professionalism and expertise made this transition a dream, and yes, you can quote me! I know you kept the costs down as much as possible, and feel your expenses are well worth the investment."
  — Kimberley Cameron

"Just went through it again, and gotta say, it looks fookin fantastic! I love having the best website in the business..."
  — Barry Eisler

"I'm EXSTATIC, even enough to type that word knowing it's misspelled. All you need to do is look over your client profiles on that impressive page you have online and see what a designer you always have been. Every site is so different. It's not like others who have a signature trait. You really work with each client to deliver a unique product. And your taste is impeccable. Seriously. You have plenty to be proud of."
  — Jordan Dane

"Once again you've managed to amaze me with your seemingly endless ideas for eye pleasing designs and color schemes! Brilliant!... you've got a great ability to somehow match the aura of the site to that of the person."
  — the guy who works for me (and I didn't even pay him)

"I'm in tears...really. I love, love, love the design! I can't tell you enough how much I appreciate your attention to detail, your sense of style, and your professionalism. On a side note, you are one of the nicest, most professional people I've ever "met." Your kindness rings through your emails. Thanks, Maddee."
  — Victoria Lindstrom

"Wicked! Speechless. Honestly. I know why people dig your sites. You're awesome! I love it. Now I need to think of how to bring my content up to caliber with your design. I am totally impressed."
  — Joseph Van Nydeck

"You guys are awesome. I've never seen cleaner work! It is beyond fabulous, Maddee. Better than I even expected. So sophisticated and rich and thoughtful in all the things you and your team have done. WOW!!! This is a work of art. I feel so well represented in the world and truly thank you. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to bring together this scrapbook of my life. I'm really grateful."
  — Diana Chambers

"Just... wow. Love it, Maddee. Thank you, thank you. I decided to invest in this project because I wanted to portray a professional image to the world of publishing, and you helped me to do that in spades."
  — AB Sevan

"Maddee, as usual you have done a magnificient job. The website shows off the books and looks spectacular. Thanks and thanks again. Wonderful work."
  — Bill Wood

"WOW! Absolutely gorgeous. I think the overlaying of images, repeating shapes blending into each other, etc., is quite stunning. I love the color palette. I wanted moody and atmospheric and you've nailed it. I'm totally blown-away. The images and the overall feel is exactly what I wanted and you've delivered. My gosh, I can't stop looking at it! I've never been so happy to put a cheque in the mail. You exceeded my expectations on every project."
  — Vaughn Entwistle

"Oh my GOD!!!!! I love it. I more than love it! The tone is exactly right. It's magical and eerie and deliciously spooky. I love the stars! How cool! This is me!!"
  — Wendy Webb

"I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am with this redesign. It is AMAZING. I think I may have uttered a silent 'wow' when I first saw it. I totally love what you've done with it; a magical job of weaving together the different elements. Everything—the placement and size of the moons, the font—is perfect. Pure artistry. The site is even more than I had hoped for. Thank you so much for prioritizing the website, and for pouring so much artistry and energy and time into it—it means a lot to me."
  — Andy Fukuda

"Maddee, your websites are among the most beautiful 'storefronts' on the internet. Beauty matters. That's why physical boutiques look so nice. I wouldn't trade mine for anything."
  — Orest Stelmach

"I have a difficult time imagining any process with you that wouldn't be fun."
  — Peter Lovenheim

"My editor was telling me today how so many authors she knows have the hardest time with their websites and how they complain about their webmavens doing a good job. I told her, 'Yeah...well that's because they don't have my Maddee!' Once again...I marvel at your genius!"
  — Lesley Kagen

"Maddee, I love it. LOVE. This is gorgeous. This is exactly what I didn't know I wanted. It's perfect. I think it strikes just the right tone: dark but not too dark, simple but not boring, just slightly mysterious. I love the way you used the feather and the fleur de lis. I love the key by The Speakeasy. I love the subtle hints of blue. I love it. I'm thrilled. Thank you again for your brilliant hard work. This is just beautiful, and I couldn't be happier."
  — AJ Larrieu

"I actually really appreciate how truly professional you are! I love how you keep me posted and answer my emails so quickly!"
  — Alessa Ellefson

"I ran it by my agent and she loved it too. So that's a double LOVE LOVE!"
  — Pat Esden

"Yippee. It gets more gorgeous every time I look. It's just so upscale and professional looking as well as being beautiful and easy on the eyes and compelling!!! I have to say that is what I so love about working with you is how you take the time to explain. You take such time and care with everything, every detail. That is so rare! Plus you have a fabulous eye for arranging images for the greatest visual impact."
  — Barbara Taylor Sissel

"WOW! Yes, super exciting! And it looks fantastic. Both my agent and editor commented on how beautiful and professional it was—thanks to you! It has been wonderful working with you too. I'm so happy with the way it all turned out."
  — Cate Price

"WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! It looks amazing! I absolutely LOVE IT! It's really perfect and so easy to follow through it and the links are great. Beautiful. Really beautiful. THANK YOU FOR WORKING SO HARD ON THIS. I really love it. It truly has that balance I wanted: creepy but beautiful. Thanks for listening to me and pulling it off."
  — Shannon Kirk

"You have a vision. The site is cooler than I even imagined it could be. Coolest mystery site out there. Really love love it."
  — Matt Coyle

"I think the website is amazing too and I always get complimented on it! I know a lot of authors do their own thing with Wordpress etc. but in my opinion getting my website done professionally by you was worth every penny (or should I say cent?!). It looks gorgeous and is very easy to navigate."
  — Helen Grant

"Just wanted to let you know that at the school I visited today the librarian could not stop raving about my web site. How fun it was, how easy it was to navigate, all the neat information (she really uses the classroom discussion guides). She said she is often frustrated by other authors' confusing sites."
  — Chris Grabenstein

"This site is as close to perfection as it gets :) It's officially perfect! Thank you so much for all the little extras, too. I'm thrilled to bits, and so happy!"
  — Shelley Adina

"Maddee and her team were easy to work with, reliable, patient, efficient. The website is gorgeous and I'll definitely recommend xuni.com to anyone who wants a site that is beautiful and perfect for their needs."
  — Katherine Harbour

"You and Jen are the best. I couldn't have found a better group to handle my site!"
  — Michele Weber Hurwitz

"I'm in shock. I am stunned and humbled. Are you sure that's mine? It's gorgeous."
  — David Hansard

"HOLY....! I love it love it love it! Seriously...it's marvelous! I don't use exclamation points a lot so you know I'm excited. I'd kiss you if you were within a 10 block radius."
  — Deborah Rix

"I absolutely love it!!! Really! It is beautiful and romantic! Exactly like what I said I wanted! It is absolutely perfect! I had high expectations and something beautiful pictured, but you surpassed it! I love the purple and the images, the fonts, everything! You've been so great to work with as well! I can't say enough good things about you, your design, or your work ethic! :)"
  — Bethany Claire

"Oh wow! So pretty! I can't believe you made that odd blend look good, but it does! I love it. i keep looking at it... My pretty new thing! I'm glad you made me choose the images, because it does feel like home."
  — Sandy Rideout

"OMG, Maddee!!!! I so totally love it I'd give you a hug right now if you were here and I'm not a hugger! WOW!!!! It's better than what I'd envisioned and everything I wanted."
  — Leslie O'Kane

"You're an amazing designer who 'got' me and my vision for the site and it is exactly what I wanted and more. You are truly gifted at what you do and we authors are able to reap the benefits. You go above and beyond for your clients which is why all your clients love you, sing your praises to everyone and will be loyal for life and I know that is not just me... Looking at the before and after's made me wonder why people try and do it themselves instead of choosing a professional. It's their career and their launching platform, why go cheap? I don't understand it."
  — Hayson Manning

"I have been getting 'rave reviews' so far, Maddee. Everyone loves it and is very impressed, not least of all myself. Many, many thanks for such a great job."
  — Raymond Buckland

"OH, my gosh, I'm bursting into tears. I LOVE it. The last page is FABULOUS. (And I have to say turning the red coat girl into blue is GENIUS.) The images are terrific, I wouldn't change a one. (love that the bars could be a crib—or prison.) Maddee, I LOVE IT. Thank you!"
  — Hank Phillippi Ryan

"Loving it more than ever!! It's spectacular! I want to live in it. Seriously, I get teary every time I look at it. You're a genius!"
  — Jenny Bernard

"Maddee, you have given me SO MUCH personal attention this time around (but then, you always do)."
  — April Dammann (on edits)

"I'm crying!! I couldn't be happier with absolutely everything! Seriously—thank you! I've been so stressed and felt so out of my league during this whole process, so to see this come together in such an amazing, inspiring, and beautiful way—I just couldn't be more thankful for the amazing amount of work you have put into this to help me achieve my goals and dreams. Seriously—thank you so much. It's obvious how much you care and how hard you've worked."
  — Sarah Leith Bahn

"Maddee . . . it's just so COOL! I love it. So profesional and yet fun. I'm so glad I went with a designer who knew what she was doing."
  — Dianna Winget

"I have to say I am just so impressed by your operation. It's a great relief for me that this side of my business is so well taken care of now."
  — Alan Lazar

"I think its wickedly perfect! My youngest's exact words were, 'that's frickin awesome!' What more can I say, besides I love it, it's perfect, you're a artistic marvel."
  — Elizabeth Marx

"Thank you so much for making the updates/additions to the website. You've been one of the most reliable people I've dealt with on this publication journey, and it's really helped to keep me (mostly) sane. Thank you for that!"
  — Sonia Gensler

"I LOVE what you've done! Wow! I was afraid that I wouldn't have enough content, but you made it appear so much more substantial. I'm in awe—you really brought the site to life! And it's such a wonderful place to linger! Thank you so much, Maddee."
  — Katherine Easer

"Wow! The website is beautiful—even better than I imagined it would be. Thank you sooo much. The entire site is easy to navigate, and has a friendly all-American feel to it. Thanks again for a terrific job. You are the da Vinci of design."
  — G.P. Schultz

"I love it! It looks so great. As you know, I'm picky, so it's saying something that I've sent you so few changes. You did an excellent job! And I thought you'd like to know that my visitors have tripled from my previous site and web hits have increased by a factor of five!"
  — Boyd Morrison

"It's AMAZING. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love it. I LOVE it. It is exactly what I wanted. I love how sleek it is. It's not too busy at all and very easy to read, navigate, and understand."
  — Cavanaugh Lee

"You totally caught the mood and simplicity and beauty that I wanted for the design. It really is great."
  — Susan Goldstein

"I've had a lot of folks volunteering to help get the word out about the book, to tell all their friends to buy it, etc. I think, even if it's on a subconscious level, the professionalism of the site and the slickness of the design is making people feel like this is something they can really get behind. And that's totally a tribute to your talent.
Probably my favorite comment so far came from our very own Sophie Littlefield, who said, 'you look like bad news on a silver platter.'"
  — Brad Parks

"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! You've done an amazing job. It's wonderful, fun, exactly the right tone, visually lively and inviting. Could not be happier!"
  — Laura Rennert

"You are simply not of this earth Maddee. I know this. The world knows this. I think you came from another dimension, where style and elegance are part of the DNA. Andrew's site is fabulous. Thank you, thank you, thank you."
  — Janet Reid (Andrew Grant's agent)

"You are so fantastic, efficient, and just plain great. I cannot tell you how, in my new experiences as a writer, I have found that so few people do their jobs and do them well! ... Left to their own work ethic, people just don't do what they're expected to do. Not you. You come through every time for me. I never have to check and correct and fix and ....then...ultimately....do the job myself because that's the only way to get it done. Thank you!"
  — Amy Silverstein (about a site edit)

"When I look at my home page and my header on my normal pages I still get a shiver of delight. I don't think I'll ever get tired of my site. THANK YOU for designing something so absolutely beautiful for me..."
  — Tessa Radley

"YOU ARE AWESOME! I LOVE the design concept! And I SUPER DUPER love the font—classic Sherrhonda!! LOL I am an over-the-top kinda woman! The colorfulness and uplifting mood definitely fit my personality, while the other images show my quiet 'contemplative' side. I am very pleased with your work as I knew I would be."
  — Sherrhonda Denice

"You did this in an hour? And when they asked Michelangelo how he did a sculpture he said 'I take a piece of marble and chop off what I don't need.' This is GREAT! My holding page looks better than most people's website. Just beautiful."
  — Lee McIntyre

"You are truly fantastic. Before long though, the clamor for your services is going to be so great that you will have to create an army of clones to do the work. Mostly, thank you for the usual truly astounding, wonderful job. You make me look a whole lot better."
  — Eric Stone

"Eeeek! It's beautiful!! Great work, Maddee—you are gifted! Feeling a little giddy—I can't WAIT to share this beautiful new site."
  — Erin Hart

"I really love what you've done here. I have to say, you really nailed it, color and personality-wise. You have no idea what a shock it is to me that you nailed it in one. So you did exceptionally well, here. Seriously. Really feel great about this."
  — Toni McGee Causey

"Everyone says: 'it's so YOU.' That's what makes you a great designer!"
  — Jennie Shortridge

"I am so impressed with your work, Maddee, this is far beyond what I had ever dreamed of. I'm convinced that I now have the most awesome site ever. Thank you so, so much..."
  — Michelle Gagnon

"Maddee darling, you are an absolute genius! The second this design hit my eye, I thought, YES, THAT'S IT! It is EXACTLY 'energetic, warm, approachable, intriguing'! The font is spot-on, too. It looks hip and serious and fun, all at the same time. You NAILED it. I bow reverently to your awesomeness!! Thank you, thank you!"
  — Chris Fletcher

"I can't thank you enough. You did such an amazing job. I love it—absolutely LOVE it! And my whole family loves it. They agree with me: you are BRILLIANT!"
  — Christina Meldrum

"Maddee, you are a dream. I LOVE YOUR DESIGN, as do all the folks in my circle! It's so cool and calm and contemporary and now and WOW! You are great."
  — Jennifer Lauck

"It looks so so so so so awesome, I can hardly stand it. It looks wonderful to me. I'M SO PSYCHED!! I'm OBSESSED with it! I haven't even showered today! I'm SOOOOOOOOOO jazzed!! You completely rule!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much! I absolutely love it."
  — Lynda Sandoval

"The verdict? I LOVE IT! I'm so, so happy with this. It's clean, easy to navigate, and flat-out puur-ty. Thank you!"
  — Niki Burnham

"You are so fantastic at what you do. I feel so lucky to have found you."
  — Amy Silverstein

"I love it. The thing is, it really feels like me to me."
  — Kathleen George

"YOU ARE SO TOTALLY AWESOME! The colors, the layout, the LOOK is so damned perfect for my personality and my kind of writing."
  — Jonathon King

"You continue to astonish—the late hours, the unequivocal devotion, the constant attention to detail. Are you seeing a professional for this disorder?"
  — David Corbett

"I LOVE IT!! Seriously it exceeds my hopes, it's beautiful and gorgeous! I just feel like you really 'got' me, that is the biggest thing of all. I can't tell you how much that means to me—it's such an emotional process, trying to communicate themes through writing, and to have it reflected on my site—amazing."
  — Sophie Littlefield

"I just got home from a library panel, and just saw it, and I so love it, I can't even tell you. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It is perfect. I am speechless. No white, but not too dark, great colors, serious, but also alive—I love it. Thank you. You're the woMAN."
  — Julia Pomeroy

"I Really Really LOVE this site! Thank you for all of your hard work, and for getting it done early even!"
  — Alyson Noël

"I can't imagine how difficult it is to capture the expectations of someone who makes a living off fiction, but you've done it!! You've risen above my wildest fantasy—and that's saying something!! Your design blew me away and your color choices were outstanding. The navigation is simple, covers all the bases, and even gives me room to grow. You make it look effortless when I know it is anything but. Thanks again for being you! (Now all I have to do is make sure my writing measures up.)"
  — Jordan Dane

"You are divine! It's perfect! Thank you! There's no doubt that I now have the tightest, most thought-through, most internally consistent site on earth."
  — Barry Eisler

"oh, my GOD! It is GORGEOUS! I am in LOVE WITH THIS!!! One day I want to find a man I can love as much as I love this website."
  — Harley Jane Kozak (this makes me smile every time I read it!)

"As always, thanks for getting everything done so quickly. This website is the best promotional tool I have. I get lots of compliments on it, and my editors and agent love it, too."
  — Shana Galen

"...you've got the elegant touch. Very cool. The caché of Richard Hawke gets a huge boost with a site this bold and classy."
  — Richard Hawke

"You are just too quick on the draw. It's astounding."
  — Eric Stone

"It looks absolutely splendid. You're talented, tolerant, and a bit of a visual genius. I'm lucky to have you."
  — John Connolly

"Looks beautiful. Crisp, dynamic, clean, charged. Thank you so very much—I'm thrilled!"
  — Francine Mathews

"Very stylish and clean, with just the right tone. And those two eastern portals staring out like eyes, seeming to offer a choice of mysterious entries. Well done!"
  — Dan Fesperman

"xuni.com moved my website from 'fine' to 'sensational.' She's a dream to work with and I constantly receive compliments on the site because it's beautiful, peaceful, and easy to understand. My book sales are steadily increasing and going into second and third printings—is it me? Or Maddee?"
  — Marne Davis Kellogg

"Maddee—generous, intuitive, and intelligent—cares deeply about writers: our words, our websites, our wishes. She always goes the extra distance for me; Maddee is my Web Fairy Godmother."
  — Janice Eidus

"I have to say it again. It's spectacular. Stunning."
  — Steve Gore

"Thanks to xuni.com, I finally have a professional and absolutely wonderful website which draws more hits than I would have thought possible. I thoroughly enjoy working with someone who manages to be creative, efficient, on-the-ball, and pleasant all at the same time. xuni.com is a find!"
  — Margaret Coel

"It's not just the logical layout, the ease of navigation, the well-edited content (especially considering the amount of material you had to organize)—what I am most impressed by is your eye for color and design. The color scheme is truly a knockout, and you've got a mean hand with borders, photo layout, font choice, and all other visual motifs throughout. It's fresh, it's consistent, and it 'pops' on every page I saw. Congratulations on some truly gorgeous work."
  — Cornelia Read

"omg, I LOVE it! You do such amazingly incredible fabulous work."
  — Janet Reid on Patrick Lee's site