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We are a small, dynamic website development company which creates, designs, and maintains author websites for both debut authors and those with dozens of books. While we are in the business of creating functional beauty, we are probably best known for our individual attention to clients and details, along with amazing responsiveness. We’ve been doing websites specifically for authors for over 20 years, so have seen the publishing industry through a lot of changes, including the way authors are viewed online. We continue to roll with it, now creating both custom and customized WordPress sites.

Every web designer has a different style. To see if we’re the right designers for you, take a look at our designs… they’re well-organized, creative, professional, and convey a sense of the author’s personality.

To find out more about what we do, peruse the FAQ page, take a look at the client list and check out the author website design portfolio. If you still have time, read what some nice folks have to say about our work in the praise section below and throughout the site. Hopefully what you read will answer any questions you might have regarding our author website development. If you have more questions or would like to query us about doing a website, feel free to email me (Maddee), or use the form below.

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about us

We love our work; one of our best qualities is our personal commitment and fast service to our clients. You can read a little bit about us below.

Maddee: I started over twenty years ago (who knew I was that old?!). It all started way back in 1998 when I met a thriller writer at a dinner party. He was in the middle of researching a book and asked me whether geophysical equipment could define the shape of a body underground. I was a geologist at the time, but being into earthquakes and landslides, I didn’t know the answer to the buried body question. Four phone calls and many emails later, I’d found the answer, ended up as a character in his book—and the webmaven of his site. Funny how life can change over a dinner conversation.  I love books, photography, design, architecture, color, pups, flowers, cemeteries… and I think I have the perfect job.  Follow me on the xuni Instagram page and my personal Instagram page.

Ryan: I’ve been working as a web developer since 2000… whoa! I’ve built sites for national companies, governments, power companies, large and small businesses, non-profits and of course, authors. Author sites are my favorite by far, for I am a romantic and adventurer myself! 🙂 I love working for xuni; I have never worked with anyone who cares about their clients and product more than Maddee. I love stories and characters of all kinds, I love ice cream, cereal, trekking and loud guitars. I am eternally grateful for the relationships and opportunities this job has given me. I couldn’t possibly recommend xuni more; try us out, we’re a great crew!! Also, check out my outlaw country band! 😀

Riley: I have been working for officially for over two years, but I like to think I’ve been a part of my mom’s company for longer than that. That’s right, Maddee is my mom! As the son of a great designer and entrepreneur, I was honored when she offered me a job to start working for her company. I was 6,000 miles away at the time and living in Europe, but working for her gave me the opportunity to travel and work on my photography abroad. Now, I’m back home in Colorado and continue to work for while I explore the mountains, go to car shows, occasionally see Ryan & The Rough Cuts perform, and take even more photos!

very kind words

“A new website is like a door to a new phase of life and writing. I couldn’t be more excited about the fabulous new space that my friend, the awesome Maddee James of, has created for me. I’m so looking forward to writing posts that explore the themes that these incredible images evoke.”
Alex Sokoloff

“A close friend, looking at the new website, commented, ‘The website’s amazing because it actually looks like you. I mean, it evokes the same warmth and gentleness that you do. I don’t know how your designer figured that out, but she did a great job.’”
Peter Lovenheim

“Maddee makes every design beautiful, functional, and tailored to the personality and style of each author. No one tries harder to make it perfect! In a world full of blah websites, she is an artist who wrestles technology into submission and creates websites that are as original and compelling as they are practical and easy to use.”
Julia Heaberlin


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I always write back quickly, so if you don’t hear back within a couple days, please email again, in case your email got lost into spam…. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!